SPCA Fundraiser - Harper Life Images

Join Jenni Harper Photography in this Photo Shoot Mini to raise money for SPCA Florida.

November 11 & 12, 2017

SPCA Conference Center

5850 Brannen Rd S

Lakeland, FL 33813

Indoor, photo session for only $25 with an included 8x10 Professional Print & Digital Image Download of your favorite pose with the option to purchase additional prints and digitals.

We will have Fall, Winter & Christmas themed backdrops to choose from, perfect for this years Christmas Cards!

50% of all profits will be going to the SPCA of Florida. 

Here are some great tips to get your dog ready:

Make sure your dog is good with people. If your dog is terrified of people or doesn’t like to be touched, a professional photo shoot might be a little scary for them. You can train your dog for these types of situations by taking them out to public places (like Home Depot) and positively reinforcing brave behavior. Start working on Sit & Stay commands. A good teaching tool can be found here Petexpertise.com

Groom and bathe. The last thing you want to do is show up to a photo shoot with a smelly, unkempt dog. You always want to make a great first impression. A good bath the night before a shoot and if needed a nail trim. Most dogs do not require any other grooming.

Prepare high-value treats. The treats that work for photo shoots are the best ones – real meat and cheese! Your baby is much more likely to pay attention if you have sausage, ham or turkey than if you have kibble or treats that you use on a regular basis. Cut up the meat into small pieces and put it in a Tupperware the night before. Then store in a cold lunchbox the next day so it stays fresh during your journey to the shoot.

Don’t feed your dog a ton of breakfast.  Don’t completely deprive them of breakfast – just give them less,  they will be more willing to listen during a photo shoot. After all, they want the treats you have! 

Make sure they get lots of sleep. Dogs can be in good or bad moods, just like humans. Make sure your dog gets a full nights rest so they are ready to go for your potentially long and stressful day.

Have a kennel or stroller available. For smaller dogs, you can bring a kennel or stroller to keep your dog in at the shoot. Some dogs don’t do well with others and at some point you may want to take a break. Add their bedding or blanket so it smells like home and is comforting.

Items to bring to the photo shoot.

   Waste bags

   High-value treats like meat and/or cheese

   Kennel or stroller

   Favorite squeaky toy to get your dog’s attention during the shoot

   Water (for you and your dog)

   Leash, collar, harness

   A positive, energetic attitude!

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